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Vifor Pharma has been a pioneer in the development of iron-based products and has established itself as the global leader in the treatment of iron deficiency. Our leadership is built on our scientific, regulatory and commercial expertise, resulting in the creation of globally trusted brands including Venofer® and Maltofer® and our strategic growth driver Ferinject®/Injectafer®.

Iron deficiency and Iron deficiency anaemia

Iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia are highly common conditions present in up to one third of people worldwide1. Iron is a fundamental mineral needed to produce haemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen around the body. Iron deficiency indicates a condition in which iron levels are below the minimal

threshold. If iron levels fall too low and are not treated, the body is unable to produce an adequate amount of haemoglobin and healthy red blood cells. This condition is called iron deficiency anaemia which results in symptoms affecting quality of life.


Ferinject® (ferric carboxymaltose) is an intravenous (i.v.) iron indicated for the treatment of iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia, where oral iron is ineffective or cannot be used or when there is a clinical need to deliver iron rapidly.

Among others, iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia are especially common in patients who suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD), heart failure and inflammatory bowel disease. It is also a condition affecting patients in preoperative and perioperative situations, as well as premenopausal women, including women affected by heavy menstrual bleeding and in peri-partum.

In the US, Ferinject® is commercialised under the brand name Injectafer®. Ferinject® has received market approval in 82 countries.

How does Ferinject® work?

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The active ingredient of Ferinject®, ferric carboxymaltose, is composed of a poly-nuclear iron core stabilised by a carboxymaltose shell that ensures an effective iron utilisation. When injected, this complex releases the iron, which will be either stored or exported in the blood plasma for transportation and utilisation where it is needed.


Venofer® (iron sucrose (iron (III)-hydroxide sucrose complex) is a low-dose intravenous (i.v.) iron sucrose product, used for i.v. treatment of iron deficiency when oral iron preparations are ineffective or cannot be used e.g .in anaemic dialysis patients

Venofer® is a nanomedicine, recognised by the US Food and drug administration.2 Scientific evidence demonstrates that nanomedicine similars have a different efficacy and safety profile compared with Venofer®.3,4

How does Venofer® work?

For patients suffering from kidney disease, kidney dysfunction can lead to a deficit in the production of erythropoietin (EPO), a natural hormone produced by the kidneys, which regulates the production of red blood cells. Therefore, a deficit in EPO leads to a deficit in red blood cells, a condition known as anaemia. Venofer®, taken with medications that stimulate the production of EPO, increases iron levels, allowing the body to effectively produce more red blood cells and control anaemia.


Maltofer®, an oral iron polymaltose complex (IPC), is registered in 82 countries as an oral iron therapy for infants, children, adolescents and pregnant women suffering from iron deficiency.

How does Maltofer® work?

Maltofer®is absorbed by the body in a way that ensures iron is delivered in a more controlled manner, avoiding unwanted side effects such as constipation, bloating and nausea.5 This way, patients can easily adhere to the treatment and correct iron levels.5


Vifor Pharma has established a clear leadership position in nephrology with a broadening pipeline of innovative products and services. By investing in our pipeline and

ensuring we have the right people and organisation for success, Vifor Pharma Group continues to make excellent progress.


Vifor Pharma is using its internal expertise in the field of iron biology and chemistry to develop VIT-2763. It is the first oral ferroportin inhibitor with the potential for treating diseases with ineffective production of red blood cells and iron overload conditions, such as beta-thalassemia. The latter is an inherited rare blood disorder that reduces the production of functional haemoglobin in red blood cells, which can lead to a lack of oxygen in many parts of the body and potentially cause anaemia. Beta-thalassemia is often treated with blood transfusions, which may lead to excess levels of iron in the body, known as iron overload.

Following the positive phase-I study results reported at the beginning of 2019, Vifor Pharma initiated a phase-II trial in Q4 2019. This randomised, placebo-controlled, multinational trial is conducted in patients with non-transfusion-dependent beta-thalassemia and documented iron overload.

In June 2019, both the US Food and drug administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) granted an orphan drug designation for the treatment of beta-thalassemia for VIT-2763.

How does VIT-2763 work?

VIT-2763 is an oral inhibitor of ferroportin, the only known mammalian iron exporter and essential for transport of iron from one cell type to another and therefore plays a key role in regulating iron uptake and distribution in the body. VIT-2763 binds to ferroportin and blocks it to prevent excessive iron release into the blood.