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Measuring Guides

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Even if you’re an old salt at sewing, you know that measuring tools are the key to a precise, professional-looking result in any project. Sailrite® has a variety of low-cost measuring accoutrement that will help you get it right the first time, whether you’re embarking on a large project such as your first sail, or you're beginning with simple bags and pillows. This assortment includes patterning rulers, tape measures and more tools designed with detail-oriented sewers in mind. These measuring accessories are ideal for sailmaking, canvaswork, quilting, apparel-making and a whole slew of crafting applications.

The Sailrite® Canvas Patterning Ruler is our solution to easy patterning on canvas. This is one of our most useful and versatile canvaswork tools, as it can be used for marking and folding hems, creating circles, marking and making facing strips, adding seam allowances and much more. Specifically designed for Sailrite, this exclusive patterning ruler is made from high-quality clear acrylic in the USA with holes every 1/4 inch for amazingly versatile use in many canvaswork projects. You can also pick up a clear acrylic sewing ruler from our store as a handy guide for cutting long strips and constructing multi-angle pieces.

We also carry many practical, low-cost tape measures that you’ll use for hundreds of applications. Pick up our thin-line retractable tape measure to toss in your on-the-go sewing kit for portable convenience, or use one of our flexible tape measures, such as the 120 Inch Tape Measure, for measuring 3D objects or for quilting applications. Additional options include our Sewing Gauge Ruler that's designed to help you keep your lines straight and even with practical sliding markers that let you make multiple markings at once. Make sure to explore our complete selection of sewing tools for more great accessories.

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