The new challenges in the modern pig production, as feeding security, animal wellfare  and protection of the environment, imply that TEGASA works in the product design of maximum quality俏黄蓉洞房花烛夜最新章节_俏黄蓉洞房花烛夜无弹窗 俏黄蓉洞房花烛夜最新章节_俏黄蓉洞房花烛夜无弹窗 ,奸魔者最新章节免费阅读_奸魔者最新章节目录 奸魔者最新章节免费阅读_奸魔者最新章节目录 ,万兽之国(h)最新章节_万兽之国(h)最新章节列表 万兽之国(h)最新章节_万兽之国(h)最新章节列表 , applying the techniques more innovating that exist in the market.

In the Technical Department of Pig, nutritional programs adapted to the needs of each client are developed, considering the characteristics of their farm, facilities and handling: FEEDING A LA CARTE.

These nutritional programs “a la carte”, are inside of an INTEGRAL ADVISING that is offered to our clients, and goes from the analysis of the reproductive data, optimization of the production costs, handling and facilities, to obatin a single objective: PRODUCTIVE EFFICIENCY.

From our knowledge of the nutritional requirements in each phase of the production, our programs of feeding are continuously updated, contemplating to the genetic recommendations and the needs of the market.

Our program of complementary lactating feeds for pigs named INIPOR , together with a large range of complementary nuclei for the manufacture of starter feed, allows to obtain the best results in different situations from handling, facilities and well-safing of each farm.

In reproductive bristles, feeds and strategies of feeding are developed to obtain the best benefit and productivity, considering the nutritional needs of the modern genetics.

During fattening, the optimization of cost per kg of meat is essential to obtain a greater yield. On the basis of the genetic potential and  the quality of the finished product, nutritionnal programs are formulated for each one of our customers.

Starter feeds

Starter feeds for white pig

TEGASA proposes some lactating feeds for piglets, in pellet or meal presentation.

Lactating Feeds

Supplementary Lactating Feeds for white pigs

TEGASA proposes a large range of complementary PRESTARTER and STARTER lactating feeds for piglets, of different concentration.

Premix - Micro

Premix – Micro for white pigs

Our premixes (micro) for pigs and sows are under the dosage 0,2% (2 Kg per ton of complete feed) because we believe that is the best dosage to be included in feed mills.


Additives for white pigs

Since many years, TEGASA believes in the benefits of the additives for pigs and sows, for all their steps of growing.We propose products in powder and liquid forms, of easy handling and dosage for a better mangement for the farms or the feed mills.

  • 8775 TEGACID

    Acidifier in powder. Growth Promotor. Sodium Butyrate.


    Acidifier in liquid. Growth Promotor. Sodium Butyrate. Avaiable in 25, 200 and 1000 Kg packaging.

  • 8779 TEGA FORMIC P

    Acidifier in powder. Growth promotor for fattening and sows.

  • 8782 TEGACTIVE

    Growth promoter. Essential Oils / acidifier focused on piglets

  • G2035 TEGAPROT pH

    Concentrate of vegetal protein. Fish substitute. High digestibility

  • 8063 VITAPIG

    Growth promoter with essential oils focused on fattening pigs and sows.

Iberian pig and other autochthonous pig breeds

The production of the Iberian pig and other autoctonom pig breeds needs a complete knowledge of the characteristics of the final product that is wanted to obtain.

The feeding is the most influential factor on the final quality of its meat. A follow-up in the field by our specialized technical department and an exhaustive quality control in our laboratory, allow to modulate the characteristics of feed, to assure a homogenous and constant quality the final ham.

TEGASA has a specific range of product for Iberian pig:
feed for piglets
vitamin and mineral premixes

that allow to cover all the existing productions, from the feeding in extensive form (advantage of the meadow), to the different kind of breeding pigs you wish.

Starter feeds

Starter feeds for Iberian pigs

Please find the list of our standard starter feeds for piglets, in pellet or meal presentation.

Lactating Feeds

Complementary Lactating Feeds for Iberian pigs

TEGASA has created complementary lactating feeds specially for the feeding of the Iberian pigs.

Premix - Macro

Premix – Macro for Iberian pigs

We know the importance of the feeding of Iberian Pigs, so we have created premixes specially adapted for them:

Premix - Micro

Premix – Micro for iberian pigs and other autochthonous pig breeds

TEGASA has created a premix specially for iberian pigs, for growing phase:


Additives for iberian pigs

TEGASA has adapted to Iberian pig, develoing many additives, knowing that most of these products can be used add white pigs feed.